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Our Race Dog Sponsorship allows fans to sponsor one of the yearlings! These are the dogs who are learning more of the ropes. These pups put on all of the miles of the main race dogs but may be passed up for a race due to age and/or experience. In the ability to do so, you will get to choose from any of our race dogs to sponsor for just $50.00! With your Race Dog sponsorship, you will allow us to feed your sponsored dog with the food he or she requires in order to run the races we are signed up for, purchase extra harnesses, booties, foot creams, lines, chews, and toys in the summer and so much more! With this bundle you will receive the following:

  • A photo of your sponsored dog
  • An Autographed Postcard
  • A Dream Walker Kennels Sticker

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Dashboard, Mike, Smokey


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