Photo taken by Whitney Mclaren

A Huge Thank You to our 2020-2021 Sponsors!

Tom & Jennifer Tenney

Ellen & Adam Mitchell

Marjie Richards

Interested In Sponsoring Dream Walker Kennels?

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Dream Walker Kennels! To make a one-time donation or sponsor a dog, please choose from the two options below. More information on how your sponsorship helps us as well as information on dog sponsorships is listed below. 

Who Are We?

Dream Walker Kennels is a sled dog kennel just north of Fairbanks, Alaska home to about 30 sled dogs! We are striving to make a competitive appearance in mid-distance and junior racing. Our lines consist of Lance Mackey, Brenda Mackey, Buser, and King lines with a little bit of Zirkle, Keiser, and Seavey thrown in.

Where Does Your Contribution Go?

We believe in being able to play for the maintenance of food, vet care, and extras for the dogs, with your help we can achieve much more! Your contribution goes to the following in order for us to be a competitive sled dog kennel:

  • The extra dog food it takes to maintain a competitive racing sled dog team.
  • Extra Racing gear for the dogs like new harnesses, booties, jackets, etc.
  • Extra Supplements
  • Race Entry Fees
  •  Sled parts and fabric to make and repair sled bags
  • Gear for our junior musher
  •  ATV Repairs
  • And much more!

Dog Sponsorships

At this time, we are offering dog sponsorships as well as random amount donations. For our random amount donations found above, participants have the opportunity to receive monthly newsletters regarding our progress and how your donation has helped with our progress. Our dog sponsorships offer folks to sponsor their own dog for the season. Please click the link below in order to view out dog sponsorships! With this sponsorship you will receive the following:

A photo of your sponsored dog

Emails of updates regarding your sponsored dog

An Autographed Postcard

A Dream Walker Kennels Sticker