Dashboard is an 8 year old Siberian x Alaskan Husky mix who was originally adopted by his previous owners as a puppy from the Mat-Su Valley shelter. Dash came to DWK as a three-year-old. After running lightly for a couple of years, Dashboard decided his life would be better as an indoor couch dog. Dashboard can be found hamming it up on the couch or hanging out with his buddies in the retired dog yard.


Mike is 13 years old. He came to DWK with Schooner, Plane, Piper, Yankee, Dylan, and Smokey from Matthew Failor. Originally bred by Martin Buser, Mike has ran a couple of Iditarods. Mike retired earlier then the others due to an Achilles tendon injury that left him as pretty three legged. Mike can be found on the couch inside or out in the yard with the others. HE is known as the big softy, and loves to go for free runs down the driveway and in the field.


Yankee(Doodles) is 15 years old. He came to DWK from Matthew Failor with Schooner, Plane, Piper, Mike, Dylan, and Smokey. He was originally(out of the baseball litter) bred by Sven Haltman, but is out of Martin Buser lines; Freedom x Wolfy. Yankee was a part of a dual sire litter which as a result, produced Spock. When in harness, Yankee was quite the leader. I remember being in the middle of a soft ball field with no trail in front and he was able to guide the team directly which way to go through commands. Yankee is a multiple time Iditarod finisher with Sven Haltman and Matthew Failor. He can be found hanging out with his best buddy, Dylan.


Dylan is 13 years old. He came to DWK from Matthew Failor with Schooner, Plane, Piper, Yankee, Mike, and Smokey. Dylan is said to be part seal. He also will tell you if you are doing things wrong or if he doesn’t like something you are doing. Unfortunately, that makes life difficult when you cant understand exactly what he wants. He is a huge goof and absolutely LOVES being inside most of the time. Dylan is originally out of Martin Buser lines, and has finished multiple Iditarods.